The Cavan Kayakarun Adventure Race

Race Details:  

1) Run 4k

The Cavan Kayakarun Challenge starts at Gallonray House with a 4k run (on tarmac).

2) Bike 16k

On completing the 4k run you get on your bike at the bike Transition at Gallonray house and cycle 16k to the beautiful Lough Barnagrow.

3) Kayak 1.5k

Rack your bike at Lough Barnagrow where you get on a sit on or sit in Kayak and kayak around the Two Crannogs taking in the stunning scenery and return to the bike Transition at the lake shore.

4) Bike 18k

On completing the kayak section you return to your bike and cycle 18k to Race HQ at Gallonray House.

5) Run 4k

The final leg of the The Cavan Kayakarun Adventure Race is the same 4k run as completed at the start racking your bike at Gallonray House and completing the last challenge before crossing the finish line.

GPS co-ordinates & Course Map:

54° 01 8395 W 007° 01 3362


CKR Route

The CKR for Beginners/Fun Race

Race Details:  

1) Run 1 K

2) Bike 16 K

3) Kayak 1.5 K

4) Bike 5 K

5) Run 1 K

 Petite Route

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