Cavan Kayakarun Supreme Body Tester

The Supreme Body Tester Route map – Click here

Phase 1 – Cycle – 16km

Phase 2 – Run – 5km to kayak

Phase 3 – Kayak – 2km

Phase 4 – Run – 1km to cycle transition area

Phase 5 – Cycle – 27 km

Phase 6 – Run – 7km to finish



The Cavan Kayakarun Body Tester

The Body Tester Course Map – click here

Phase 1 – Cycle (16km)

Phase 2 – Run (5km to kayak)

Phase 3 – Kayak (1km)

Phase 4 – Run (1km to bike transition)

Phase 5 – Cycle (18km)

Phase 6 – Sprint (500m to finish)


Kayakarun Mini/Junior Body Tester Course Details

The Mini-Junior Body Tester Route Map – click here

This category is for beginners and juniors 12-16 years old and is the last event of the day starting at 1:00pm from Gallonray House.


Cycle 5K to Bike transition.


Rack your bike and run 1K to the Kayak transition.

Kayak 500 Metres

Kayak a 500 Metre course close to the shore of the lake.


Run 1K form the Kayak back to the Bike transition.

Cycle 5K

Cycle 5K back to the finish at Gallonray House.

500m Dash

Dismount your Bike and jog an easy 500m to the finish line.

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