What is the Cavan Kayakarun?

The Cavan Kayakrun is a multi sport adventure race including running/walking on maily country roads, kayaking (sit-in or sit-on & supplied or bring your own) and cycling on tarmac suitable for any type of bike. It is achieveable to all able bodied participants  and the emphasis is on FUN and PARTICIPATION smiley

It includes The Cavan Kayakarun Supreme Body Tester and The Cavan Kayakarun Body Tester and Junior/Mini Kayakarun.


How did the Cavan Kayakarun begin?

In May 2010 a group of friends were having a pint in Gallonray house Maudabawn. There was a lot of talk about the recession and a general atmosphere doom and gloom. The lads and lassies put their heads together and decided they would create a Fun event for the silly season, to give people in the local community a lift and an active focus for the summer. Everyone had an interest in sport, more friends were contacted and The Cavan Kayakarun was born. It was initially meant to be for the local group of friends. However, it was decided to advertise and  the newly dubbed Adventure Race had 250 people of all ages from 16 to 80 take part in 2010. 350 participated in 2011 and over 400 enjoyed the event on a sunny Saturday in 2012 and have risen progressively since.


What are the aims of the Cavan kayakarun?

The Cavan Kayakarun aims to get people of all ages and levels of fitness involved in sporting outdoor activity .We want you to remember it as all about fun, participation, achieving your goal of finishing the circuit and enjoying the elation and delight of crossing the finish line, at the end. We aim to provide a safe friendly environment, where all the family can enjoy the day and excellent local amenities will be utilised. We aim to hold a community run event in which every participant is a winner.


What are the race categories for the Cavan Kayakrun?

There are male and female categories. A breakdown as follows:

The Cavan Kayakarun Body Tester

Open Male/Female
Veteran (Over 40) Male/Female
Masters (Over 50) Male/Female
Relay Any combination


The Cavan Kayakarun Supreme Body Tester

Open Male/Female
Open Relay Any combination



Competition Map links:


What specifically does the race involve?

The race starts at Gallonray House near Cootehill. See Home/Overview page for full race breakdowns.


What is the cost of the entry?

€35 for The Cavan Kayakarun Body Tester

€60 for The Cavan Kayakarun Body Tester Team

€50 for The Cavan Kayakarun Supreme Body Tester

€75 for The Cavan Kayakarun Supreme Body Tester Team

Entry fees are non-transferrable and non-refundable

The entry cost is inclusive all commissions and any other associated costs.


What prizes are available?

Each participant will receive a quality medal and ribbon.

Each category winner will receive a valuable voucher and a winners medal plus free entry into next year’s event.

What type of terrain is the event held in?

County Cavan is described as the ‘County of Drumlins’ and this event truly will live up to this description. During the run you will encounter ‘Pepper’s Brae’, I have heard people following the event refer to it as tough however it is a huge sense of achievement crossing peppers and seeing the site of the lake and kayaks below as you head to transition 1. This is a testing course but for the fun runners the distance is not excessive as the distance is 5 km The run is on tarmac.

The Kayak stage takes place in a natural lake and circulates a small crannog where ancient settlers once lived. The average time for the Kayak section is 10 – 15 minutes for the 1k distance.

The cycle section is 18Km for The Cavan Kayakarun Body Tester and is a reasonably pleasant cycle on tarmac and is well marshalled. Those who enter The Cavan Kayakarun Supreme Body Tester will undertake two cycling stages of 16k and later 27k cycle on a more testing circuit.


Can anyone take part?

The answer is yes. The event is all about fun and taking part. We have a longer more challenging course The Cavan Kayakarun Supreme Body Tester for those who want to test themselves even more. The event has two separate cycle and kayak routes  tailored to suit all levels of fitness with the Supreme route taking place over a longer more difficult course. The Cavan Kayakarun Body Tester is a fun event for all the Family


Is it a safe event?

Considerable planning into the safety of the event is paramount. The event routes are carefully selected and marshalled. These Marshalls are trained and well briefed on their responsibilities but it is of utmost importance to the athlete to understand that the road sections of the event are open to the public and the rules of the road should be strictly adhered to.

Monaghan Sub aqua unit will be in attendance on the lake along with safety personnel in Kayaks and boats

There is a briefing session  prior to the race at Gallonray House .


Can you tell me where the race starts from?

The Body Tester and Supreme Body Tester races start and finish for all adults from Gallonray House, Maudabawn Cootehill ,County Cavan. Please find the cordinates on the home page. Note: shower and dining facilities available.


What are the check in / registration times?

Registration takes place on Friday night the 9th August the night before the race between 7 – 9pm in Gallonray House Maudabawn and on Saturday morning 10th August  (race day) between 10am-11.30 am also in Gallonray House.


Where and when is the race party?

The official Cavan Kayakrun race party takes place the evening of the event in Gallonray house,this is now established as one of the biggest nights of the year in Gallonray with top live bands into the early hours. Live music, hot food buffet and entertainment are available for participants and spectators alike. This is a great night’s fun with great stories of heroics and new friends to be made. Remember there is ample accommodation in the local area for anyone wishing to stay over on either night of the weekend. Please have a look at the accommodations section for further details. Taxi service will be available.


What time is the prize giving?

Directly after the conclusion of the race and the junior race, prices will be given out at the conclusion of their race.


Can I take part in the event and raise money for charity?

Yes, we have no problem in you raising money for needy causes or your chosen charity. We do advise however that you collect for a registered charity and that you will have the correct permits and are covered by legislation with respect to fundraising when using the Cavan Kayakarun Brand.


Is there any merchandise available to purchase?

Yes: Quality running t-shirts will also be available with the Cavan Kayakarun logo – cost €15.


Where do I see the map information?

Map information is on the website and a copy will be also available on registration and on-line once obtained.


Have you more information on the Kayaks and can I bring my own?

You may bring your own kayak or you may use one of the kayaks provided by the organisers.There will be sit-on and sit-in single Kayaks provided.


Do I need to have previous experience in Kayaking?

The event organisers have sit-in and sit -on single kayaks. These are designed for novice kayakers.

We would advise you to avail of a kayaking lesson before the event, it is possible to complete the kayaking course without any previous experience however you will enjoy the event much more with proper preparation.

Check out our links section on our website and kayaking training centres contact details are there.You can avail of one of the training sessions that will be taking place on Barnagrow lake in the weeks prior to the event. Please keep an eye on the website training section  for further details.


Is there a mandatory kit list?

Yes, it is important to appreciate that life jackets are compulsory in the kayak, helmets are compulsory in the cycling and all standard athletic footwear is advisable. A pair of gloves would be of benefit but not essential.

Life jackets are provided for the kayaking however if you bring your own kayak you must bring your own life jacket.


Can you give me a breakdown of the distances of the event?



The Cavan Kayakarun Challenge XL race is the longer more testing course. It starts at Gallonray House with a 16K cycle to the bike transition and start of the 5K Run


Run 5K to the Kayak transition on a road and trail run route.


Kayak on a sit-in or sit on top Kayak around the edge of Barnagrow lake passing through the Crannóg Islands back to the entry point.


1K run from the Kayak transition to the Bike transition.


On completing the 1K run from the Kayak , you return to the Bike transition to complete a 27K mainly flat route back to Gallonray House.


The final leg of the Cavan Kayakarun XL race is a 7K Tramac and trail run after racking your bike at Gallonray House to complete the last challenge before crossing the finish line.




The Cavan Kayakarun Challenge starts at Gallonray House with a 16K cycle to the Bike transition.


After racking your bike, complete a 5K run on tarmac and trail run to the Kayak transition.


On completing the 5k run, you arrive at the Kayak transition where you Kayak on a sit-in or sit on top kayak going around the Crannóg Island and back to the entry point.


1K run from the Kayak transition back to the bike transition.


Cycle 18K on a mainly flat course back to Gallonray House.

500m Dash to Finish

On arriving back to Gallonray House, rack your bike and complete an easy 500 metre run crossing the finish line.



This category is for beginners and juniors 12-16 years old and is the last event of the day.


Cycle 5K to Bike transition.


Rack your bike and run 1K to the Kayak transition.

Kayak 500 Metres

Kayak a 500 Metre course close to the shore of the lake.


Run 1K form the Kayak back to the Bike transition.

Cycle 5K

Cycle 5K back to the finish at Gallonray House.

500m Dash

Dismount your Bike and jog an easy 500m to the finish line.

Other points of information

  1. It is advisable to arrive early on race day to familiarise yourself with the course and the transition area
  2. On your arrival, you will be free to discuss the event with any of the organising committee who will be wearing green branded t-shirts and hi-vis gear.
  3. Complimentary light refreshments are available  after the event.
  4. Shower facilities are available on site at the start/finish in Gallonray house.
  5. Hot food is available for purchase – salads, curry, lasagne,teas coffees etc
  6. Live music that evening and a real party atmosphere
  7. The event is taking place on open roads – so safety first!
  8. Book early to avoid disappointment as we expect over 500 participants this year!
  9. This is a non-profit event run by our community for you our visitors
  10. Event contact details:  Michael  087 9294263


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